Get Your Priorities Straight

What should your attention be on while selling or closing sales? Should it be on?
1. You or the company you represent?
2. Your product or your service?
3. The features, advantages, or benefits or products/services?
4. Your good looks or your gift of gab?
5. Always be closing?
6. None of the above?
Congratulations, you’re right! That is if you answered #6!
The answer is that your attention must always be on the CUSTOMER and nothing but the client.
Put your attention on anything else, and you’re wasting your time and increasing your effort. Apparently, though, the hardest thing for anyone engaged in selling, closing, negotiations or mediations is to get their attention OFF themselves and on the person across the table from them. Yet, any master salesman will tell you:
“If you ever expect to close a deal, your attention must be 100% on the customer.”
Yes, if you’re just “taking orders” you can get away with thinking about something else at the same time, and it makes no difference. Especially if you remember to ask, “Do you want fries with that? ” But if you’re serious about closing sales your attention must be entirely on them.
I don’t know how to make this clearer except to say that if your attention is on yourself, your chances of closing a sale are slim to none.
Get your priorities straight. Leave your problems and worries at home. The customer is only concerned with THEIR PROBLEMS, not yours!
Daniel Jacobs

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