What Was Missing?

The most common question I’ve been asked when training salespeople, is how to close the deal. Everyone seems stuck on that final step in the process.

Now, I do admit that even with the study, practice, and experience that I’ve had in the trenches of selling and closing sales over the past twenty-five years, I would sometimes come up short. In those cases, I’d try to reason or persuade myself that I was “close,” and that I “almost” pulled off “the close.”

In trying to convince myself that everything had been done that could be done, I was still had this feeling that I could have done more. What was I missing?

Finally, the mystery and growing stress got to me, and I realized that I didn’t know what I didn’t know! But chance, there was a sales seminar happening locally that weekend, and I decided to get some help from an expert.

It turned out better than ever expected.  It was like he was reading my mind. Everything he said related directly to my problem, especially when he said this, “The step you’re stuck on, having difficulty with, or can’t seem to do, is NOT THE PROBLEM! It’s a symptom, NOT THE SOURCE of the problem, it’s always something earlier.”

It was like a WHACK ON THE SIDE OF THE HEAD, and just what I needed! This changed everything. I realized that grinding away endlessly trying to persuade or force the customer to buy, only intensified the resistance. The customer was not the problem, I was!

I was focusing on one step (closing the sale) in a series of actions leading to the particular result. And I was stuck on that one last step as the cause of all my trouble. But, it wasn’t. It was something earlier in the process that I left incomplete or did incorrectly. I was trying to take step eight before I had fully completed step six! No wonder I was having trouble.

This was groundbreaking; a game-changer if there ever was one! It not only opened the door to handling my problem but it gave me something I could do something about, today!

I had been focusing on the wrong target all this time. The trouble with the closing step meant that something earlier in the process had been skipped or was incomplete. All I had to do was find out what step was not completed and get it done, thoroughly.

I became aware of what every master closer knows: Ease in closing is based on how well you do each of the steps leading up to it.

Good selling really does makes for a smooth closing.

Daniel Jacobs, 2017



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