The Real Objection

Many times, objections that customers come up with are generalized reasons to stop the process and not the real objection. When they say “just not sure,” “need to wait,” or “it costs too much,” there is always a specific reason underneath.

Objections of this type indicate that an earlier step in the process is incomplete and needs to be handled. In some cases, however, just reminding them of their original purpose will be enough to rebuild the momentum to continue closing the deal.

Once you have identified a particular objection, you can do one of the following three actions:

  1. Acknowledge it and continue to the close.

      2. Answer it and proceed with the close

Or you can use a combination of all three:

      3. Question and isolate it as the real objection and the only thing that needs to be addressed. Answer it and move forward with the close.

Your job is to help customers get past the real internal barriers that are stopping them from getting what they really want. A master closer can effortlessly handle all objections and create the opportunity to seal the deal.

Daniel Jacobs, 2017


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