Cheap But Good Advice

1. What is your purpose? To impress them or move them?
2. Start talking only when they’re ready to start listening.
3. Your attention must be 100% on them; 0% on you.
4. Three key steps: A) Tell them what you’re going to tell them. B) Tell them. C) Tell them what you told them. (Hint: Make step “B” as short as possible)
5. You’re not a robot; don’t sound like one. Keep it fresh and new.
6. Don’t meander endlessly; speak with intention, certainty, and confidence.
7. Don’t fake it. If you don’t believe it or know it, don’t say it.
8. Don’t tell everything you know; they won’t want to know it anyway.
9. Intentionally create times where you don’t talk. Let it breathe.
10. Speak neither too soft or too loud, nor too fast or too slow.
11. Don’t wander around aimlessly; use body motion with intention.
12. Give them something of value in exchange for their attention.
13. End with three points worth remembering.
14. Stop talking before they stop listening.

Daniel Jacobs, 2017


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