SELLING starts with establishing the purposes of the SALESPERSON! What are you trying to do? Impress them? Or move them? What is your attention on? Your commission? Or serving the customer? Make sure you’ve got your priorities straight BEFORE you start selling.

The next step is to find people to talk to. No people = no sales. It is a  step of the sales process where you distinguish between who is a suspect and who is a prospect. The latter represents a possibility, not so with the former.

Once you’ve found a prospect, establish agreement and trust. Hint: If you don’t trust yourself, neither will they. What is their purpose for looking? or shopping? or buying? Establishing and aligning with their purpose will come in very handy during the selling process and especially at the close.

A wonderful thing about customers is they only buy when what you’re offering it is what they need or want. If you can discover their need and show how you can fill it, they tend to be inclined to want it. This is the best way to increase your chances of closing the sale.

Some salespeople can only follow orders. They take the customer’s order and fill it. Order-takers do not cause the sale to happen.

Other salespeople are presenters. They know all the features and advantages of the product or service and reasons why this is the best value in the market. Sometimes they actually can bring the presentation to a close, but they are not closers. Presenters generate feel-good excitement and increase demand but sealing the deal requires a different set of skills.

CLOSING is the process of helping customers get past the hidden internal barriers stopping them from getting what they REALLY want. If you’ve done your job and fully completed each prior step, closing is just another one in the process. If you run into confusions or frustrations or push-back, you’ve skipped a step in the process. If you run into a “stop” then realize that something reminds them of a purpose that they failed to achieve some time earlier. You handle this by shifting their attention to what they hoped to get and the objection will disappear.

The final step is to smoothly and comfortably collect the money and complete the paperwork, making sure they’re still smiling.

Daniel Jacobs, 2017


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