Are You Overselling?

There is truth in this old saying, “In theory, there’s no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.” Applying this concept to whatever you’re selling can illuminate an important fact.

In theory, it’s easy to assume that the customer is interested in every feature, advantage, and benefit of your offering. But in practice, they’re not. Just because they ask you what time it is, doesn’t mean they want to know how to build a watch.

In practice, you can easily talk yourself out of the sale by presenting everything you know when the customer only wants to know three things.

1. Are you worthy of their trust?
2. What makes your offer worth paying for?
3. Can you deliver what you promise?

By focusing on only these three points, you will discover the true essence and value of your product and what the customer really needs and wants to know before making a purchase.

Stop overselling the product and you’ll close more sales. Get it?

Daniel Jacobs


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