Phone Sales?

Is it possible to close a deal over the phone? Yes! But only when know what you’re doing.

The secret is that it requires supreme CONFIDENCE in the value vs. the cost of your product or service plus a high level of certainty in your ability to deliver what you promise.

NOTE: Don’t fall for this old trite cliché, which states,

“Confidence is like honesty, once you know how to fake that, you’ve got it made.” This is FALSE!

Confidence is something you can’t fake. Either you’ve got it, or you don’t.

A real-life example of the value of honesty and confidence:

I was on the phone in the middle of closing a prospect on a $7,500 contract for services, and I was getting nowhere. So, I switched gears and decided to lay my cards on the table and show my hand.

I said, “Look, I’m not a salesman. I admit it freely. And if you’re waiting for me to “sell” you on this service, it ain’t going to happen. I specialize in finding the right solution to the right problem, that’s what I’m good at. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, we’re in business.”

After about five seconds, he burst out, “Hell yes! That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Let’s do it.” And the deal was closed.

Remember, over the phone, the customer has only your voice to rely on for trust and confidence, so you have to be MUCH better than you are in person. Even if you have to practice with another person or get in front of the mirror, don’t practice until you can do it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong. You won’t regret it.

You can even do a “premortem” and examine all the things that could go wrong and practice handling each on one. Do this until you are totally comfortable with any variable or unexpected surprise that might come up. Even then, something may come up which can throw you a curve and squelch the deal.

Want to know the most valuable tip in phone selling? It has to do with voice inflection. It is the make-break point of phone sales. This makes all the difference in how you are perceived on the phone.

Believe me when I tell you it’s worth it. Over the past many years, I’ve closed big deals over the phone more times than I can count, and so can you; if you’re willing to let me help you.

If you still think it can’t be done, I can help. Contact me at

Daniel Jacobs


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