What Are You Selling?

Too often, people think they are buying a PRODUCT when what they are really buying is a BENEFIT.

For example, the words “product” and “price” are conceived of and established by the SELLER. On the other hand, “benefit” and “value” are considerations determined solely by the BUYER.

If you think you’re selling only a house (a product with a price), you’re missing the point. What you’re really selling is a HOME (which has a benefit and an intrinsic value).
People buy what makes them feel good emotionally. Afterwards, they may justify the purchase logically, but, stated or not, emotion is always the motivating factor.

Before you launch into trying to convince prospects of everything you know about the advantages, features, facts, and figures of what you’re selling, recognize one fact. THEY DON’T CARE what you know. Customers only care about what you can DO FOR THEM. This is their overriding purpose and must be yours too.

People buy only when they see or feel the personal benefit to them of what you’re selling. Everything else just clutters your message.

TIP: Don’t clutter your message.

Daniel Jacobs, 2017


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