Can’t Decide?

When a prospect is uncertain and can’t make a decision, it’s NOT because they don’t believe or trust you or your product. It’s because they’re afraid of making a bad decision. At this point, you have three choices:

1. Lower your price. Then lower it even further. 
2.Try to change their mind and convince them that it’s not a bad decision.
3. Become very interested and politely ask, “You can’t decide?” Then listen attentively. They will tell you why they feel this way and how to handle it.

Your best choice is always #3.

If you’ve already built a bond of trust, they will willingly tell you about their fear or uncertainty. Now, it’s not possible for you to change their mind (only they can), so just let them tell you more about it and listen attentively.

If you are patient and remain sincerely interested, eventually they’ll start to recall one time when they did make a good decision. Let them tell you about this and recall other times. You’ll soon begin to build up a certainty in themselves (i.e. change their own mind). And, surprisingly, the present decision is not so fearful.

“Indecision” is a generality. By itself, it explains nothing. It’s only a symptom of a deeper, uninspected problem. Your job is to help them get past the internal barriers that are keeping them from getting what they really want.

Remain interested and listen carefully. they’ll reveal micro-indicators that will provide clues about how to replace doubt, uncertainty with confidence and belief in their own decisions.

Daniel Jacobs, 2017


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