The “Coffee Cup” Solution

Want to know how to release fixed attention on some unwanted problem or situation? Here is a method gaining instant relief from the negative effects of such things. It’s called The “Coffee Cup” Solution.    

1. Find a coffee cup and put it on a table in front of you. 
2. Put a name on the problem that is fixating your attention.
3. Put what you named into the coffee cup.
4. Look around your environment and identify where you are.

Analysis of why this works: “Wisdom begins by calling things by their right name.” -Ancient Chinese proverb

Instead of “being” the problem, by giving it a name, you begin the process of separating you from the problem.

Once the problem is completely contained within the coffee cup, the differentiation between you from the problem is complete. After all, it’s now, “over there” and you’re “over here.” It is no longer consuming (wasting) your attention with no positive result, and your thoughts are back under your control.

HINT: If you want your problem, you can always keep it. If letting go of the problem makes you feel uneasy, take comfort in the fact that it’s always “there” in the coffee cup if or when you need it sometime in the future.

When you identify where you are and see that the problem is in another location, the negative impact of the problem on your thoughts, emotions, and your body, is instantly lessened.

When you are able to LOOK AT the problem, you no longer have to obsessively BE the problem. Goals and obstacles alike become more real by putting your attention on them as you tend to become what you think about most.

Now, with your attention back under your control again, you may find yourself in better shape to find a solution that works for the long run.

Daniel Jacobs, 2017

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