Want To Get Something Done?

Okay then, lets cut right to the chase. You must know by now that whether you are looking for an excuse or a way, you can always find it. Here is the most straightforward WAY I have discovered of achieving any worthwhile purpose. However, there is one stipulation: you have to DO these five steps.

Okay? Now, here they are:

1. WHAT do you want to do?
2. WHY do you want to do it?
3. WHO is in charge of getting this done?
4. WHEN are you going to start?
5. HOW will you know when you have done it?

HINT: You do not need to WHY this works to get results. However, know one thing: The only reason this does not work is that IT WASN’T DONE.

Now, the ball is in your court.

Daniel Jacobs, 2017

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