Author’s Forward

This book got its start because I couldn’t find any other book, recording, or video that had what I was looking for.

What was I looking for?

Something that touched a nerve and fired me up! Something that made me say, “HELL YEAH!”

Something that captured my attention; fired up my imagination and got me into action!

Something that would help me close more sales and have fun doing it.

Something that would give a new slant on closing sales, but that was based on the proven principles of selling and closing sales

Something that was and make it easy to understand and apply.

I had to write it myself because sales people needed this information and no one else was writing it.

Then I looked in the mirror and said,


I thought, if it excites me to think about writing this book, others might feel the same way. And that decision is what put me on a path that ended with a book that was exactly what I was looking for!

And yes, I do still get excited when I read it!

Daniel Jacobs, 2017