For Closers Only!

Here’s a tip that stems from the inner game of closing.

When your prospect senses or feels that you’re about to close them, this alone can stir up internal emotions and reactions.

Primary among these is the native fear of making any DECISION. Next is the anxiety stemming from the CONSEQUENCES of making the wrong decision. Either one of these factors can squelch a close and must not be ignored if you expect to seal the deal.

Now understand: These emotions are not logical, they are automatic stimulus-response reactions that cause the prospect to search around for reasons to NOT DECIDE. These are called OBJECTIONS, and they do not respond to logic.

Know this: Trying to convince or persuade them with reason or rationality will FAIL. Why is this?

First, you are on the closing step, aren’t you? And you do know that you never continue selling once you begin closing, don’t you?

Second is that people buy EMOTIONALLY. Then, after the deal is closed, they justify the purchase to themselves, LOGICALLY.

Third: Logic and reasons do NOTHING to handle emotional reactions. The best approach is to remind them of what they initially hoped for when considering a purchase.

If you’ve done the previous steps in the sales process correctly, you will know what is important to them; what they really NEED. Then, directly or indirectly, shift their attention back to their reason for being there in the first place, then shut up. You may be happily amazed at the results.

Daniel Jacobs