The Inner Game

To some prospects, just considering the idea of “closing” can trigger all manner of internal physiological phenomena that while they may not be logical, are still very real reactions that can squelch the deal.

Things as simple as an uneasy feeling or worry over making a wrong decision can bring about increased pulse rate, blood pressure, tension, stress, and other automatic “fight or flight” reactions. These tend to cause a surge of adrenaline and “high alert” signals physically, emotionally, and mentally. And, inevitably, these lead to doubt, worry, and indecision (the enemy of any closing). 

Don’t underestimate the effect these manifestations can have on sealing the deal. They are very real to the prospect and it’s your job to make the buying process as comfortable as possible for the customer.

Tricks, gimmics and other slick methods of getting them to buy from you are very old hat, unoriginal and unproductive. People are more sophisticated buyers than ever before. Give them credit for knowing more than you might think they might and they’ll let you know how they can be sold, comfortably.

By Daniel Jacobs, 2016