Your Sound

A musician deals with sound. Their sound is their signature, their identity, their voice which facilitates communication of their message. It is something that stems from inside and it distinguishes you from anyone else.

What is not widely recognized is the fact that your sound is a reflection of what you hear internally before you play the note. Practice hearing the note mentally before you play it. Or practice humming the note while playing it, and what comes out will sound more like you.

If you seek to change your sound for any reason (warmer, brighter, darker, less effort, more projection), first change yourself. Internal change always precedes external change, and your sound will change without effort as you change yourself first.

‘jes sayin’ 🙂

Daniel Jacobs


What’s the most important thing to the customer? It’s the Customer (stupid)! 🙂
And what is the easiest way to remain customer-focused? Use this mnemonic (memory aid): “WIIFM” or “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME!?”
Read this every time before you meet with a customer and it will keep you focused on the only thing that is really important to the customer: THE CUSTOMER!
Daniel Jacobs

The Golden Rule of Selling

The Golden Rule in trade has been proven a safe, sound and paying policy.
Salesmen who sell goods have to sell themselves first.
We give no orders to people we regard as possible rogues, cheats, pretenders, and hypocrites. Diplomats who resort to violence are salesmen who have failed to sell themselves.
In order to “sell yourself” you must be both buyer and seller. You must in imagination put yourself in place of the other man. Then only can you do unto others as if you were the others.
Personal quarrels and national wars mean that somebody wasn’t big enough to live up to the Golden Rule.
– by Elbert Hubbard, circa 1900

The Micro-Close

Are you aware that the customer is involuntarily giving off tiny indications about whether they want to buy from you or not? And what’s more, being able to recognize these minute signals is the main reasons some salespeople are able to close deals that leave others scratching their heads in mystery.

I call these tiny signals, micro-close indicators. They tell you the customer is leaning in the direction of closing the deal or not. Only professional salespeople are aware of these signs that are missed routinely by amateurs routinely miss them and as a result, constantly oversell the customer.

The micro-close is similar to the “tell,” which is something that expert poker players use to see through their opponents’ bluffs.

Once you become aware of the micro-tell, you can put it to use in predicting what people are thinking and what they are likely to do.

Daniel Jacobs, 2016











The Strength Of The Pack

“The strength of the Pack is the Wolf and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” – Rudyard Kipling.

Similarly, the willing contribution, caring, cooperation, communication and affection connecting the members of any group (and a family is a group), can form a strong, healthy and expanding unit.

For the relationship between the members is symbiotic, just as a family thus empowered becomes a greater source of strength and power for the individuals creating it.

By Daniel Jacobs

The “Crush” Close

A customer who is  “convinced” against their will . . . isn’t.
Forcing the customer to buy, or overwhelming them with a “crush” close will always come back to bite you and your reputation. The short-term “gain” is never worth the long term loss. Just don’t do it.
Daniel Jacobs, 2017